642 The Boss Was Caught Cummed In ALL Secretarys SHOE

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Veröffentlicht am 15. September 2022


Custom Clip Request I was thinking I could leave the wardrobe dressing mainly down to you, as you both nail it every time. However, this scenario would all centre around 1 day, and on a day the boss was particularly horny. Maybe he should be wearing slightly tight work trousers, and on a day he forgets to wear underwear. So every bulge is a risk, and requires hiding. The secretary should be in those devilishly sexy black heels, and some nice tan or blank nylons. He spots that she is wearing the combination during the morning and has to go and hide in his office, as she instantly gives him a bulge. She goes about her work during the morning, and slips her shoes off under her desk. He spots this, and takes his chance, of asking her to go and print a load of paperwork out for him. He hopes she hurries, as he is getting very hard from the scent of her feet in the air. She gets up to leave to print the papers, without her shoes, and glances down quickly as she walks by. She thinks she sees a h